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Thoughts on MXM GPUs

Wednesday 08 February 2017 08:07pm | Tags: gpu, laptops, notebook, portable, gaming, my opinion

A desktop PC is very great in terms of customisation and the sheer flexibility that it has. A person who owns a desktop PC could easily replace the parts of it with whatever they want, with just a little bit of compatibility-considerations. With the help of standards that are already the norm for years, this makes a desktop PC's shelf life to be extended greatly.  Read more

Using proxies as an alternative for dodging filters

Sunday 11 December 2016 04:34am | Tags: proxy, anonymous, privacy, vpn

Censorhip and filters – cumbersome for users, and explicitly prevent a human being for their freedom on using the web. It is quite inevitable, as a handful of organisations/providers/facilities do this gruesome act. And one common example is the place of studies, ie Universities, and so on. Worse, these censorhip are also used on per-ISP basis. Worst of all, countries also set up a firewall that prevents you access to a list of websites that to them violates the national law of theirs.  Read more

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