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Export as PDF for Printing and Sharing

Friday 15 September 2017 05:47am | Tags: pdf, share, documents

PDF translates to Portable Document Format, a format which holds document data and is meant to be portable (transferrable, shareable) without the document's structure and content being compromised. The format was created by Adobe Systems in around 1990s. Its specifications was released free of charge in 1993. Of course, the format begun as a proprietary format.  Read more

Resetting Your Windows PC

Tuesday 12 September 2017 01:00am | Tags: windows, reset, format, reinstall

I felt the need to write this blog post because I am actually tired trying to convince people that “formatting” or “resetting” their Windows PC is actually easier than they thought. This is true to most people here at my place, and I really look forward to change that.  Read more

Thoughts on MXM GPUs

Wednesday 08 February 2017 08:07pm | Tags: gpu, laptops, notebook, portable, gaming, my opinion

A desktop PC is very great in terms of customisation and the sheer flexibility that it has. A person who owns a desktop PC could easily replace the parts of it with whatever they want, with just a little bit of compatibility-considerations. With the help of standards that are already the norm for years, this makes a desktop PC's shelf life to be extended greatly.  Read more

Using proxies as an alternative for dodging filters

Sunday 11 December 2016 04:34am | Tags: proxy, anonymous, privacy, vpn

Censorhip and filters – cumbersome for users, and explicitly prevent a human being for their freedom on using the web. It is quite inevitable, as a handful of organisations/providers/facilities do this gruesome act. And one common example is the place of studies, ie Universities, and so on. Worse, these censorhip are also used on per-ISP basis. Worst of all, countries also set up a firewall that prevents you access to a list of websites that to them violates the national law of theirs.  Read more

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