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Yay! Finally

01 Aug 2015
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It is finally here!

The GreenWap Blog has been built and is now available for the public to read!

As mentioned on (now archived here) blog landing page, I was unable to find any open-source, reliable and blogging script for me to fork. Everything is just too feature-packed – which is the opposite of what I am searching! Of course, since it is so, I then decided to build one myself!

Ultimately, it is now completed enough to be publicly accessed. Why “completed enough” you ask? (or maybe you didn’t ask) The current GreenWap blog is running at its simplest form, where entries are indexed, and users can access the posts without any problems (it should be that way). Other features in queue is the “Author” section, tags filter and hopefully, tags section from within each posts.

Above all, I am happy that I have finally able to publicly release the blog.

Now, allow GreenWap to post personal opinions, articles and interesting ideas from within this blog! 😄

Oh and I forgot to mention that the blog script will be released as open source through my GitHub repository. I am not sure when, but I will do so once the code is stable enough! Hopefully it will help other fellow webmasters who wishes a simple blog script that relies on list-file editing and file system interaction. 😁

Thank you dear readers.
Shahmi Saidi

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