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Aiming to help keeping your Windows in good shape

16 Jan 2019
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While waiting for my order of roti canai to complete today, I stared at the table so hard, I snapped an idea.

I used Windows for long. Although it is not an ideal operating system for me (due to many personal problems with it), I still manage to use it for years without encountering the need to reinstall or format my machine to make it snappy again.

Maybe I am just lucky. Maybe what I did throughout the years is enough to maintain the smooth state of the operating system. I don't really know. However, experience kind of speaks for itself.

Therefore I will now start a new entry series aptly named Keeping Windows Fresh, which does not necessarily focuses on the sole term "fresh". I mean, it may also contain suggestions to alternative apps, tips, or basically anything that would make your experience with the operating system better than it is now.

In addition to above, the series will try to address and rationalise some key arguments in order to fight some useless stigma, e.g. having two partitions will speed up Windows (ugh this is bogus as heck).

The first topic to be touched under this series would be the importance of preventing malwares, as malwares are the main cause of excessive slowdowns in many computers I have handled. People don't seem to care about things downloaded from the Internet, and this needs to change. Stay tuned, as the entry is in draft (but this may take a while given the low frequency of posts on my blog eek 🙃).

There you go. Hopefully the series would be of help in the future. Thank you for reading.

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