I really enjoy creating things!

I do create things that are completely free for anyone to enjoy, and of course those are free 100% without any hidden agendas (nor fees). Nevertheless, I have also put quite a huge priority on the projects and of course, it is time and energy consuming.

Since I am independent and a lone developer, I do not have any financial backers, and all of the investments are made from my own pocket indeed. These "investments" are vital to the survival of this websites on this outragously huge Internet world including of my projects.

You are not forced to give any money at all – that is your special right as a user, you can use the free services provided, completely free of charge!

If you are feeling kind and would want to give the things something that can help their survival, I would personally really appreciate that. Seriously. Your smallest donation can always make a big change. Furthermore, it can also contribute quite a huge amount of motivation for me to strive in making those products better.

What $1 can contribute to

It is widely known on the internet that $1 will be used to buy a beer or coffee for the developer. But guess what? $1 can do a lot for me!

Each US dollar will allow me to have (almost) two tins of Redbull. If I rather chose to eat, I can have a complete set of lunch consisting a plate of fried rice and a "teh tarik"!

Now imagine how motivated I am to contribute to the web? You could save a starving developer! :P

Feeling like donating?

If it is so, I would want to say thank you so much for considering to help me financially! If it is not, it is completely okay, and you should not feel guilty. I don't (and will never) blame anyone for not donating, as again, it is their rights to choose whether to spend their hard-earned money or not.

If you want to donate, as a bonus, I will list your name as well in our donations page! Please fill in your name and your personal message in the provided form when you proceed. Donations are processed by PayPal. To continue, kindly click the button below

Donate to me

You may put a link to any of your online (or social media) profile too. If you do not put your name, I will assume that you don't want to be listed. It is perfectly fine if you want it that way!