TechnoSparks' XDA Threads

XDA's signature imposes limits on the amount of characters that can be put in, therefore I created this page to archive all the things I have ever contributed to the XDA community :)


ts-binds, a magisk module!

Xperia SP

Stock Components as Flashable ZIPs (along with my other flashable zips!)

Flash Custom ROMs for the Xperia SP

[Abandoned] Flash Tangerine Kernel <8.0 right from your device, without recovery!

[Abandoned] Flash a Zip to Fix your Mic on CM11

My Device

Nokia 6 TA-1021

Stock ROM
Nougat 7.1.2
November Patch

Default stock kernel

Kernel Settings:
Default and unknown, device is not-rootable sigh

Xperia SP C5303

Android Ice Cold Project (AICP)
Nougat 7.1.1
28/06 Official

Default AICP kernel
28/06 Official


CPU Governor: Interactive

Governor Tunables:

I/O Scheduler

Internal Storage

Scheduler: default
Read-ahead: default

External Storage

Scheduler: default
Read-ahead: default

Other settings

If not defined here, they are set as default as shipped with the kernel.

Note, details shown here is not updated in realtime