My Identity

Hello, fellow reader

I am Shahmi, the person who created the name "TechnoSparks", a "revised" version of the original nickname "Sparks".

I created the name during my childhood, as result of inspiration from a CPU player named "Sparks" in Need for Speed Underground. Since I want to give it a sense of uniqueness, I slapped in "Techno" in the front, an idea from the fact that I have this attachment to tech stuffs.

Well, as a young child, we always like to show off. So my use of such nickname began to spread wide in my primary school era. If I ever want to portray myself in something imaginary or virtual, I will definitely choose the name "TechnoSparks".

The name however didn't reach internet until late 2009, when my father finally brought home a new broadband stick, granting myself a first time engaging with internet at the comfort of my home. The use of the name TechnoSparks is everywhere for my online accounts. I found myself an interest of creating a blog. Hence, a Google account could be one of the earliest accounts I have created with the name "technosparks", with addition of 98 as a sort of "accessory" to my Google account. The first account I might have made in my online life might be Wordpress, with only the bare "technosparks" as a username.

An only proof I can get from Wordpress. Google however doesnt provide a way for me to get the original date I created my account.

I am however disappointed that now, if I ever search for "TechnoSparks" in Google, I am returned with countless names that has an astonishing similarities, where "Techno" and "Sparks" are close together, just like how I created it. What makes me sadder is that those search results aren't older than my existence on the internet, which is 2009. If only they could have used their sane minds and Google search before establishing even a company with something similar to my name, they could have already found out that they are using my nickname as their branding.

As much as I am so dissatisfied with the actions of those individuals that did nothing before putting a branding for their stuff, I can do nothing to prevent this. Hence, this document for you readers. I recently put this domain name live on to the internet to ensure that further misuse of my nickname could be prevented, and also so that the people could recognise who is TechnoSparks on the face of the internet. This, however, at the cost of the continuation of my previous long running website named GreenWap.

Please, don't hijack on someone's identity.

Thank you for reading this. I wish you had a pleasant day today and for the days to come.

Shahmi Saidi

Who I am not

I am not related to any of these companies / organisations listed:

Name Year of establishment Location
TechnoSpark LTD 2014/2015 Chester, England
Techno Sparks (Indian Community, so they say) 2017 India
TECHNOSPARK Communications Pvt Ltd Undisclosed Bangalore, India
TechnoSpark Software Services Unclear, might be around 2014 Maharashtra, India
TechnoSpark Industries India Pvt Ltd Undisclosed India
TechnoSpark IT & WD Solutions Pvt Ltd 2015 Undisclosed
Technosparks IT Club 2010 Bangalore, India