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 I find a lot of my projects are left on hiatus, apologies for having nothing to show off 🙁


ts-binds (Magisk)

Derived from a very long-living trick for users who are struggling with the internal storage space available on their phones, while at the same time has the benefit of inserting an SD card, ts-binds will make use of already available functions on your device, to mirror a path to another path, effectively making both paths indistinguishable.

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MaxLock's Official Website

It is created with the objectives to make sure the users of MaxLock to learn more about the app without the need of asking in the xda-developers thread. Secondly, to prevent fragmentation of different ideas and tips that users have made to make more use of MaxLock. Third, to give a sense of proper documentation towards the users of MaxLock. Lastly, as a "thank you" gift for the wonderful app that helps people to secure their apps.

MaxLock is an app that is powered by the Xposed framework for rooted phones. It allows users to lock their apps of choice.

Started as the Guide centre for MaxLock, it has evolved into an official website for MaxLock. Contains guides as its main nature, it was created to assist users on getting more out of the MaxLock app for Android.


What's New at XtGem delivers you all about XtGem's updates in a way explained better and lengthy. Differs from the official XtGem's blog, they do not update posts in regular basis and some minor changes won't be told there

It was created to accommodate XtGem users on knowing what is new and updated in the XtGem environment. This includes small updates which are not announced through the official blog of XtGem.


Web Components


ts-BMS translates to “TechnoSparks' Blog Management System”. It is a very lightweight blogging algorithm that prioritises full integration to a website!

I intended to release the source of the blog script as a public product, however, due to massive personalised changes on the way of how I handle this website, I cannot maintain it as a public product. However, since it does have a great purpose, that is to allow any already existing websites to have a blog system, while at the same time use minimal database interventions, this should work enough for you.

Documentation will be constructed soon.

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Simple Manjaro Package List Backup and Restore

Script to easily backup and restore the package list on Manjaro Linux operating system.